personal brand photographer

— Hi, I’m leah —

I capture the heart of your brand. I capture your story. I capture you.


capturing the heart of your brand

Born of immigrant parents from the Philippines, I have lived in Canada all my life. I have admired photojournalists such as Dan Eldon, Annie Leibovitz, and Farah Nosh. My love for photojournalism carries into my work capturing stories through beautiful imagery drawing audiences visually and emotionally.

Today I start a new path helping entrepreneurs who share a common goal: help making this world a better place. Do you help create a positive culture? Does your brand promote well-being? Do you want more human connection through your images? I’m here to help!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


— A little about me —

I have always been an admirer of photojournalism, growing up with magazines like National Geographic and Time Magazine. I looked at the pictures before I knew what the captions said and admired the story “told” through the images I saw. My family did not have much money so I didn’t get my first camera, a Polaroid, until sometime in the 80s which cost under $20 at the time. Starting then until the early 2000s I was constantly with either a cheap 35mm point + shoot or a disposable camera spending tons of money of developing on pictures taken of my friends and the adventures we would go on. Thankfully the DSLR became more affordable and I was introduced to my first Canon DSLR in 2001.

I began my photography business adventure in 2012 after the birth of my youngest child specializing in weddings and family portraits. As the years passed I learned more about myself and found my love for photojournalism returning. I transitioned to documentary and lifestyle in 2017 along with the yearning to help others. I began to volunteer my photography services to organizations I cared about: from music festivals highlighting music from all over the world to organizations helping families of sick children.

— the intro to pbp —

Leah villalobos, personal brand photographer (PBP)

since 2019

With photojournalism returning into my life, I enjoyed what I was photographing but I didn’t feel complete. I began to think about ways to how I can incorporate storytelling and helping people. The more I spent time on social media platforms that more I noticed that a lot of advertising is imagery. Good advertising is a single image that can tell a story and grab your audience before they swipe to the next posted image. I knew that photojournalism and lifestyle can grab at a targeted market and making them want to learn more about what they are seeing like how it can engage a reader of a magazine or newspaper. Many corporations have the standard headshot but my philosophy is in order to stand out in the sea of headshots, you need something that can stand you out… something you have in common with your customers… something that your customers will connect to you with and in turn, create a following for your business.

Let me help you succeed getting the imagery content you want for the clients you want to work with.





What is personal brand photography?

Telling your brand’s story through high quality documentary and lifestyle images.

—  the Process —

:: step 1 — consultation ::

Who is your ideal client? What stories will connect with your ideal client? What images will engage with your ideal client so that they are left wanting to learn more about who you are and what you offer?

— preplanning —

Your time is valuable so preplanning is essential. How many stories are we capturing? What locations speaks to your ideal client? We will talk about what we want to achieve with these stories — Do you want to share your morning rituals? Does your story include time with your family? Do you want to share behind-the-scenes so your customers can see the hard work you put into your passions? Does your audience connect with you at public speaking events? Do you collaborate with your team members in unique ways?

:: step 2 — follow ups ::

Email and call follow ups will occur from the point of consultation to the photoshoot to confirm logistics.

:: step 3 — photoshoot ::

Get ready to have fun!

:: step 4 — receive your photos ::

3 images will be chosen before the end of the photoshoot for “quick posting” access while you wait for the rest of the photos. When your gallery is completed in 2-3 weeks, it will be delivered electronically for downloading. Then post away!


— packages —

Photo shoots are booked 1 - 3 months in advance. Willing to travel (additional fees may apply).

Currently booking for 2020.


— mini story session —

Photo shoots are fully customized to create 3-5 stories containing 60+ images. Services include:


Photo Shoot — 4 hours, multiple locations and wardrobe changes

On location selection of 2-3 “Quick Posting” images

Prices starting at


— recurring content —

This package is customized to meet your content needs.

Prices starting at



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